“Train your body, Train your mind, Labor your baby across your finish line.”


Hi, I’m Krisha

The changing point of my doula career was 3 years ago with a first-time mom. I used every doula skill set I was trained in and we still had no baby across the finish line. We were on day 4 of consistent 5-minute apart contractions. I reached into my biology degree and my skill set as a collegiate division 1 athlete to help this momma labor her baby across her finish line NATURALLY! This birth was THE CHANGING POINT in my doula career!! I realized a woman’s body is created to birth her baby and her body will stretch just enough to have her baby given the opportunity!! This sweet 5-foot, first-time mom birthed a 10lb 2oz baby boy NATURALLY!! I decided NATURAL BIRTH was for me!! I became a home and birth center doula only. I created my TRAIN FOR BIRTH workshop based on how my natural birthing doula clients move their bodies during the birthing process. The exercises, techniques, stretches, and movements in my workshop will train you mentally and physically, specifically for your birthing game day!! YOU were born an athlete! YOU were born to birth your baby! Athletes train, train, train for that one game day they step out onto the court/track/field and perform at their utmost ability. You take what I teach you; practice, practice, practice the last month of your pregnancy…you will train your body and mind for the day you step up to the starting line of your birthing game day to run your marathon with confidence, endurance, and stamina!!

“I think this class is a must for anyone who wishes to have a natural birth whether you are wanting to birth at home, birthing center, or a hospital. This class will give you the tools to prepare for your birth and labor. I feel confident with the exercises and information I received during class that I will be prepared to labor and hopefully have a fast delivery for my first child. I will be ready for my birthing experience and know what to expect.” – Kelly B.




Private Home Training

This private hands-on guided training by Krisha allows a more intimate understanding to birth.

Group Training

The group Train for Birth workshops are held at 2 birth center locations in DFW.

Private Virtual Training

The Virtual Private Train for Birth Workshop with me via Zoom makes in convenient and comfortable for you.

Train for Pregnancy

This training program is for anyone who is 6-weeks to 35-weeks in their term and ready to learn natural birth techniques.

Why do expecting moms take this Train for Birth workshop?

  • “Get my body ready so I’m strong and confident on the big day!”
  • “Being able to better prepare me for natural birth.”
  • “Having the knowledge to prepare my body.”
  • “Ways to help my labor progress instead of just laying there.”
  • “Reaching my labor and delivery goals.”
  • “To have an easy and quick birth.”
  • “What the best labor positions and what to do to get prepared for labor.”
  • “Training/prep specifically for a natural birth experience.”
  • “Learning how to work with my body and not against it.”
  • “The idea of shorter labor.” “Quicker labor.”
  • “To learn more about natural birth and have a good experience.”
  • “Prepping for labor.”
  • “Getting mentally prepared.”
  • “Learning how to get prepared physically for birth.”
  • “Training and labor/birth techniques.”
  • “Education” “Knowledge” “Learning more” “Everything”

What did expecting moms get out of this workshop?

  •  “Exercises and techniques that will help minimize pain and duration of labor.”
  • “Exercises to prepare my body.”
  • “Pain management” “Techniques for pain management.”
  • “Best breathing techniques.”
  • “Less anxiety about laboring and delivering.”
  • “Confidence in myself for natural birth.”
  • “How to cope with pain and what to expect.”
  • “Education and understanding of how to have my baby naturally.”
  • “Tools that my partner and I can use during labor and delivery, general knowledge on giving birth to better advocate for myself.”
  • “Feel secure and empowered for the time when I have to delivery my baby girl.”
  • “How to handle pain naturally and have a good delivery experience.”
  • “An efficient exercise routing to help me train and condition for child birth.”
  • “Knowledge regarding how to bring my baby earth side naturally.”
  • “Feel more educated and empowered both mentally and physically prepared for my labor and birth.”