Train for Birth Workshop in the comfort of your own home in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, area only. You will receive hands-on guided training catered to your body by Krisha, a training packet and gift. 34+ weeks gestation. Allow up to 3 hours for training. (1 expecting momma + 1 support person)


The group Train for Birth workshops are held at 2 birth center locations in DFW.


Virtual Private Train for Birth Workshop with me via Zoom at a designated time that works for us both. This allows your training to be catered specifically to your personal needs. Includes training packet. 34+ weeks gestation. Allow up to 3 hours for training. No refunds. (1 expecting momma + 1 support person)


I created my TRAIN FOR BIRTH workshop based on how my natural birthing doula clients move their bodies during the birthing process. The exercises, techniques, stretches and movements in my workshop will train you mentally and physically, specifically for your birthing game day! YOU were born an athlete! YOU were born to birth your baby! Athletes train, train, train for that one game day they step out onto the court/track/field and perform at their utmost ability. You take what I teach you; practice, practice, practice the last month of your pregnancy… …you will train your body and mind for the day you step up to the starting line of your birthing game day to run your marathon with confidence, endurance and stamina!!