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I created my TRAIN FOR BIRTH workshop based on how my natural birthing doula clients move their bodies during the birthing process.

The exercises, techniques, stretches and movements in my workshop will train you mentally and physically, specifically for your birthing game day!

YOU were born an athlete! YOU were born to birth your baby! Athletes train, train, train for that one game day they step out onto the court/track/field and perform at their utmost ability.

You take what I teach you; practice, practice, practice the last month of your pregnancy…

…you will train your body and mind for the day you step up to the starting line of your birthing game day to run your marathon with confidence, endurance and stamina!!





Until December 8th

Birth is compared to running a marathon.  Would you step up to the starting line of a marathon and not train for it? NO! I will train you like an athlete for your birthing game day. You can train physically and mentally to help prepare your body and mind for your desired birthing experience.   Your birthing game day will be one of the hardest days of your life, BUT the most rewarding!!

Workshop Perks

Over 100 training videos

34+ Weeks to Train

Access to Workshop for 6 Months to Practice, Practice, Practice!

Includes Natural Birth Education & Training for Couples

Searchable & Available in 9 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Hindi

Downloadable Training Packet & Training Program

Encouragement, Empowerment, Motivation

Exclusive Access to Krisha in Live Scheduled Huddle Ups

Opportunity for Krisha to be your Birth Coach

Train for Birth includes a training packet and program for the last month of pregnancy to practice daily to help you step up to your birthing game day starting line with confidence, endurance and stamina!

Train for Birth is a natural birth workshop for expecting couples who desire a natural birth experience.

Learn the innate natural birthing process.

Learn stages of labor comfort measures for the phases of labor.

Learn movements, techniques, positions for the birthing process.

Learn exercises and stretches to condition your body for natural birth.

Learn how to mentally prepare yourself for one of the toughest sporting events of your life.

Learn how to work with your partner as a team during labor and birth.

Learn how to build confidence, endurance & stamina

Learn how to have a more comfortable, enjoyable pregnancy

Learn how to return to exercise postpartum

Train your body, Train your mind, Labor your baby across your finish line.


Train your body, Train your mind, Labor your baby across your finish line.


Step up to your birthing game day starting line with CONFIDENCE and TRAINED!!

I have a unique way of educating expecting parents about childbirth that is very interesting. I mean, it is the real, raw truth about natural childbirth.

Demonstration of our innate ability to birth babies brings about a better understanding of what a woman’s body is created to do.

Your body is created to birth your baby and will stretch just enough to have your baby!






Until December 8th

What they’re saying…

“Thank you so much!! Took your virtual course & just had baby #1 natural in hospital and only labored at hospital for 3 hours! Trained, stuck it out at home with swaying, rocking & then got to hospital at 6cm & pushed for less than an hour! I’m a believer of your program and most definitely all of those squats!!”
-Tabitha Arkansas
“My husband and I are doing the online train for birth workshop and it’s AMAZING! My husband is an orthopedic surgeon and as much as he knows about a lot of things in the medical world, he’s learning SO much from your training. It’s really helping him turn off that hospital/clinical mindset and get onboard with the NATURAL delivery that I know I want and can have! So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”
-Sam Pennsylvania
“I’m not a visual learner, and I’ve birthed 3 babies, but HOLY COW WHY ISN’T EVERY MOTHER SHOWN THIS. THE VEIL HAS BEEN LIFTED. THE FOG HAS CLEARED. So amazing. Keep doing what you’re doing.”
-Breanna Kentucky 
“The workshop was amazing! My partner and I feel like our second birth experience is going to be better than our first!”
-Mariah C. Colorado
“Great class to take, especially for first time moms. Gave me the tools and skills necessary to keep moving my body until the big day comes. Thankful for such a great resource and Krisha’s knowledge on helping me work towards the birth I so desperately desire.”
-Megan W. Iowa
“Krisha was a great trainer – she explained things to make them accessible and she equipped me with the tools and knowledge to give me confidence going in to my labor and delivery.”
-Camille S. United States
“I have been following Krisha on Instagram for a couple of months and was excited to take her train for birth course. It did not disappoint. This is my second pregnancy and I had a doula for my first one. This time I’m only allowed one visitor at the hospital and my husband will be with me. I wanted to feel better prepared for my upcoming birth. A day after the training and practicing all the exercises I have more energy and feel more comfortable at this stage in pregnancy when walking and moving around. Krisha went over a lot of information, but it was well presented and very thorough. She’s a great teacher! I’m excited to continue training and look forward to my baby’s birth!”
-Anacelia A. United States
“Thanks to birthing 101, I finally stopped lying to myself and switched from an OB to a CNM. OB told me my back was best for birthing. CNM helped me deliver on my hands and knees. I also felt in control and could advocate for what I needed and I felt heard in those requests. Thanks to your train for birth workshop, I practiced as many exercises and movements as I could. I was able to labor at home for the most part, moving through every contraction and got to the hospital dilated to a 7-8. I was able to have a natural birth! It was tough, but I kept repeating, ” you can do anything for a minute”! I moved just about the whole time!  Very grateful for all you do to empower women to be in control of their birthing day! There are so many details I could include of how your trainings helped me, but then this email would be a novel.
Many thanks!”
Melissa R. Utah
“Krisha, it was an eye-opening workshop for me and my husband. We have so much clarity now on how our child’s birthday would look like and you have prepped us so well that we are no more fearful but extremely excited to welcome our baby!! Every mother needs to experience your workshop and get trained by you in order to feel empowered for their birthing day. Thank you so much for not only focusing on training us physically but mentally too. Thank you for passionately and selflessly sharing the knowledge and helping out all the mothers out there!! Loved the workshop :)”
-Thejaswini S. India
“The workshop was amazing. The whole walk through of the birth process was empowering. Both for my husband and myself. We are looking forward to this birth more prepared than we have ever been before.”
-Lulu A. Australia
“A lot of information was covered, some information I had no previous knowledge of. The exercises were shown as they were explained, it allowed my spouse and I to put it into practice. I feel empowered to advocate for myself as my birth will take place in a hospital. Thanks for a great training! Highly recommend it to first time parents.”
-Michelle C. California
“Excellent workshop to train your mind and body for birth! I feel motivated to train daily and empowered to birth my baby naturally!”
-Lois M. Kenya

I look forward to training YOU!!

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