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Krisha Crosley’s

The Natural

Birth Booklet

How To Get The Birth You Want

Krisha has passed along her knowledge to families across the world to achieve their desired birthing experience.

This booklet will open your eyes to the truth about childbirth!

krisha crosely the natural birth booklet


Client Vaginal Births





krisha crosely natural birth booklet

Krisha is changing birth across the planet with her unique way of training expecting parents for their desired natural birth experience. She is sharing her natural birth knowledge with anyone who is willing to listen and learn. It starts with you having the knowledge to make educated decisions about your birthing experience as the captain of your birth team. The Natural Birth booklet is a great place to start!

The cesarean rate has drastically risen over the last 50 years. 1970s the rate was about 5% and 2020 is a little over 30% within the United States. Expecting parents’ birth rights and choices are being stripped from them on a daily basis and they aren’t even aware of it.

Don’t become a statistic! Educate yourself so you know How to Get The Birth You Want!

Krisha is a firm believer in the more knowledge you have on a subject the better educated decisions you will make about that subject. When you finish this booklet you will have more knowledge about childbirth to make better educated decisions for your childbirth experience.

This booklet will open your eyes to the truth about childbirth, give you the knowledge on How To Get The Birth You Want and how to apply that knowledge for your birthing experience.

What You Will Learn


Exact steps to get the natural birth you want

What isn't being talked about with regards to childbirth

How to create the right birth team for you

How to have less stress and anxiety during pregnancy

How to greatly decrease the chances of late pregnancy issues

What to do to have a more comfortable, pain free pregnancy

How to increase confidence and positivity

How to reduce labor hours

How to avoid unnecessary induction or cesarean

Covered in the Booklet

Birthing Environment

Healthcare Provider

Hire a Birth Doula

Childbirth Education

Webster Certified Chiropractor

Nutrition Water Exercise

Birthing Game Day Goals

Birth Rights & Choices

You Got This! Go Get It!

PDF Version

krisha crosely the natural birth booklet

Cost $3.13


krisha crosely the natural birth booklet

Cost $13.03

(Shipping to the United States only)

Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby, Labor On!

What they’re saying about Krisha…

“Krisha I found your page really late into my third pregnancy and even though I had done it twice before, I absorbed every little square on your feed that I was able to read and I just want to thank you for the content you put out into the universe. I live aboard and wasn’t able to partake in any workshops, but your energy, education, positivity and ideas directly fed into my birthing experience yesterday. It was lightning fast and incredibly intense, but what kept going through my head over and over was “low, loose & surrender”, not “fight, tight, tense”. Thank you for being there for me, in a very interesting state!”
“I spent hours scouring the internet for THE BEST doula, and I found her — Krisha Crosley. Krisha is worth her weight in gold. Not only does she have recommendations and referrals to a wealth of other healthcare professionals, she truly cares about her clients and their well being. From Krisha’s educational videos and Train For Birth Workshop, to a daily training plan, to her hands-on and gentle coaching on birthing game day … she’s exactly what I needed to have my natural birth come true.”
“Throughout the contractions I moved around, sway my hips, sing my favorite songs, and kept thinking it’s a purposeful pain (the pain means I’m about to meet my baby). Your training made a big difference to both me and my husband, he was very supportive and helpful and remembered what you taught us. It was a wonderful experience”
“Your information is so helpful! I still remember my wife and I taking your training. It proved to be extremely useful during her labor.”
New Jersey
“Thank you for helping my wife have the birth that she wanted.”
“Very grateful for all you do to empower women to be in control of their birthing day! There are so many details I could include of how your trainings helped me, but then this email would be a novel.”
“Thank you Krisha for giving us the tools we needed to navigate birthing in a hospital. Being an athlete all my life as well, your mantra that giving birth is like running a marathon totally resonated. I was mentally and physically ready thanks to your class and exercises. Then with the right team around me, on game day we were able to pull it off… in record time!”
“Hey Krisha! I want to thank you for all your effort and helpful videos that you put for us mamas. I had my 3rd baby boy at the end of April at a birthing center and I spent the whole nine months reading and watching  your tips on how to cope with and handle pregnancy and labor. It was so eye opening and beneficial that I would definitely recommend any pregnant moms to follow them for an easier labor and delivery. I labored at home most of the time and tried being as relaxed as possible. By the time I went in the birthing center, it took only 45mins and the baby was out. It was so fast and magical. Thank you again for all your tips and advice.”
“Gave birth to my second last week and just wanted to thank you for your content and all you share! Was planning on birth center but after a fast labor it turned into a surprise home birth in the tub! Thankful to remember to move my body and trust the process. Thank you again!”
“Thank you for providing your class to help educate and empower women, as it helped add to my own success story for a VBAC!”
“I had successful VBA2C in August…I used to watch ur reels and it really helped me. Thank you very much”

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