What natural birth trained moms and dads are saying about this workshop!!

“After working with Krisha, my husband and I have the last bit of confidence we needed to birth our twins at home as first time parents! Thank you! Can’t recommend enough.”
Jessica S.
“All expecting mothers should take the Train for Birth workshop. The information given should be the standard of care for women to understand the labor process and feel confident and empowered when giving birth.”
Melissa D.
“This workshop is an absolute must to do. She explains so well how important it is for the body to work with you, baby and birth. Such a great trainer.”
Sara B.
“Get it! Education is your best weapon. She’s amazing. I have no words.”
Latanya C.
“I LOVED this class!! I feel so empowered to be able to effectively handle having an unmedicated birth. Krisha was awesome!! Her energy was amazing and all the information she gives leaves you feeling very knowledgeable. This is my 3rd birth and I feel I am more equipped this time around than any other time.”
Keosha W.
“This workshop is incredibly thorough yet simple to follow! I feel very confident in my body’s ability to go through labor and I’m excited to do the physical training/mental prep work until little one gets here!”
Michaelah B.
“Krisha was great! Information was delivered effectively and clearly. She personalized exercises based on what each one needed. And I feel more confident going into our first birth center birth.”
Kaitlyn H.
“This experience made me feel WAY more equipped for game day. I feel more prepared & know my husband does as well. Krisha is the TRUTH and a birth guru.”
Stephanie C.
“I’m a FTM and started attending all your free classes and knew I needed your Train for Birth Plan class especially carrying a “big baby”. I feel so much more confident and able to have the birth I want and get this baby here safely. Thank you SO MUCH for all the amazing information!!!”
Yadira E.
“I’m very happy and grateful to be able to help my baby through the birth and to know the signs of my body.”
Cecilia R.
“I felt this class was very informative and necessary for 34+ week mommas. Currently sitting at 36 weeks +5 I was truly looking for a course that would teach me things I can implement immediately to prepare my body for birth now. Coming from someone who has not been training throughout my whole pregnancy, I am happy to now be equipped with knowledge and skills that will train me moving forward to game day! Thank you Krisha!”
Mayra A.
“This class was honestly so informative!! This is my 3rd child, I was a young new mom when I had my first 2 kids and didn’t know much about birth and listened to only what the drs told me instead of educating myself. I have so much more knowledge after this class and others I have taken with Krisha that I feel like I can advocate for myself and my baby and my plan to have a natural birth!!”
Jessica F.

“Absolutely learned a lot of stretches that will help with birth and that help now ease some of my ligaments pains! The class was at an easy to follow pace and very thought out.”


“If you have having discomfort and wanting to achieve being more comfortable, while prepping your body for a Natural Birth, Krisha is the gal to see. She is super nice and pays attention to you personally to help you best. My wife is over the moon to have taken Krisha’s classes! Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and helping us know we can achieve birth the way we want to!”

Chris L.

“Train for your birth exercise was nothing short of amazing. The two hours went by so fast and I learned so much. The highlight is just learning what to do to prepare for the labor marathon and understanding what is happening to my body as each stage of labor progresses.”

Bianca P.

“As a FTM, I have done so much research, both online and locally here in Florida for birthing resources, and must say Doula Krisha is one of the BEST educators to help me feel prepared and empowered for what is to come. Not only are her classes super informative and useful, her personality makes them enjoyable to attend and eager for more! Thanks for all you are doing to shift the way us gals are learning about and viewing childbirth!”

Brin G.

“Krisha is amazing! She has helped me better understand so much about pregnancy and labor and that’s even with having a medical background. Her knowledge and activities have made me feel much more prepared for my delivery and have helped me deal with issues throughout my pregnancy. I’m very grateful for her and glad I found her classes!”

Amy G.

“My husband and I had a really great time learning the techniques Krisha taught during this workshop. As a first time mom, it’s important to me that I get informative and honest training so that I can accomplish my goals during labor and delivery. Thank you, Krisha!”

Michelle M.

“As a first time mom-to-be, of course I am scared of child birth (& needles). Yes, there is so much information & knowledge to prepare you on what’s to come or expect. However, nothing on mental & physical preparedness or exercises like Krisha provided. Krisha helped me & husband understand more on the stages of labor & to stay in tune with each other. The exercises to prepare for natural child birth to the focus & breathing techniques while riding the wave of contractions that expected to come. Krisha thank you so much & please continue helping & educating mothers everywhere, (big hug) thank you.”

Elizabeth C.

“I’m so glad I took this workshop. I didn’t really know what it would take physically to give birth, despite reading several books. Krisha shows with models and explains what happens with the body at each stage of labor. It was not as simple as I expected. Once I did confront this, I became a lot more willing to exercise. Krisha taught intelligent exercises that zero in on the areas I need strong and flexible for birth. I see all the exercises as productive and vital for birth specifically. There is no irrelevant information in this workshop. All moms and dads need this info. Now I believe I can have a safe successful natural birth.”

Dana W.

“At 36 weeks I had to switch plans. I decided to have a home birth instead of a hospital due to the Covid-19 risks. My baby is due right when the peak was predicted and the possibility of not having my partner with me scared me. I took this class with the hopes of gaining more information on how to achieve a faster, natural birth. Krisha offered so many tips and poses and was very engaged in the virtual class. She definitely gave me some relief in feeling a bit more prepared and ready. I am thankful I found her last minute on Facebook! I will definitely apply all I’ve learned and I feel more confident making this switch. I highly recommend it.”

Lily V.

“Opting for a natural birth as a first time mother has been intimidating. After taking the Train for Birth class, I feel more knowledgeable and prepared to guide myself through this process. Krisha not only give great demonstrations but also explains the benefits of each technique. I left her class with more confidence in my mental and physical abilities and more excitement for the birth of my daughter.”

Amani F.

“Thank you for teaching me that labor should be active! It is very important to learn and will help me get through my first birth.”

Gabby C.

“Krisha was a wealth of information, definitely made me feel like I have the tools to make it through labor. I absolutely agree with the training mentality, developing muscle memory in this class was a great start!”

Rindy S.

“This workshop truly prepares you both physically and mentally for what to expect during labor. I feel so much more confident knowing positions and techniques that Krisha taught. Would definitely recommend to ALL pregnant moms and their support person.”

Katharine N.

“I came into the class not knowing anything, second birth, but first did not go the way I was hoping. I wasn’t in control, the hospital staff was. Now that I have taken this class, I know I am the one in control, I have a say and I now have knowledge on movements to use, breathing techniques and the stages of labor I didn’t know before. Thank you!”

Sommer C.

“Krisha is wonderful, I would recommend everyone to attend at least one of her classes. I have attended birth prep 101, her postpartum class and Train for Birth and each class I have learned valuable information that I can’t believe isn’t shared with every expecting mother!”

Tequila G.

“Krisha is very educated and experienced as a doula and is an expert in natural childbirth! She’s patient, understanding and always willing to answer questions in person or online. I highly recommend all of her courses and to hire her as your doula! I can’t praise her enough!”

Evita L.

“I came to this course to learn more about tips and some movements to have a better labor. It is more than I expected. I learn many things even when this is my first pregnancy. So now I will be more prepared for my birth day. Thanks Krisha.”

Alejandra V.

“This training gave me lots of helpful techniques to use in preparation. Krisha is so invested in educating and empowering mothers to give natural birth.”

Cynthia N.

“You won’t regret taking this course.”
Amy P.
“I am a Physical Therapist and moderate exerciser (6x/week) but this class was very helpful on exercises and stretches to focus on plus explanations which I greatly appreciated.”  
Caroline D.
“This workshop was great! An of the information we gained will be invaluable on our game day. Thanks so much!”

James K.

“Excellent workshop to train your mind and body for birth! I feel motivated to train daily and empowered to birth my baby naturally!”
“The workshop was amazing. The whole walk through of the birth process was empowering. Both for my husband and myself. We are looking forward to this birth more prepared than we have ever been before.”
“A lot of information was covered, some information I had no previous knowledge of. The exercises were shown as they were explained, it allowed my spouse and I to put it into practice. I feel empowered to advocate for myself as my birth will take place in a hospital. Thanks for a great training! Highly recommend to first time parents.”
“Great class to take, especially for first time moms. Gave me the tools and skills necessary to keep moving my body until the big day comes. Thankful for such a great resource and Krisha’s knowledge on helping me work towards the birth I so desperately desire.”
“I have been following Krisha on Instagram for a couple of months and was excited to take her train for birth course. It did not disappoint. This is my second pregnancy and I had a doula for my first one. This time I’m only allowed one visitor at the hospital and my husband will be with me. I wanted to feel better prepared for my upcoming birth. A day after the training and practicing all the exercises I have more energy and feel more comfortable at this stage in pregnancy when walking and moving around. Krisha went over a lot of information, but it was well presented and very thorough. She’s a great teacher! I’m excited to continue training and look forward to my baby’s birth!”
“Krisha was a great trainer – she explained things to make them accessible and she equipped me with the tools and knowledge to give me confidence going into my labor and delivery.”
Camille S.
“Your energy and enthusiasm is amazing. It is empowering to be enlightened so that one feels ready to cope with a natural birth, in the best possible way. Thank you.”
Pia O.

“The workshop was amazing! My partner and I feel like our second birth experience is going to be better than our first!”


“Krisha, it was an eye-opening workshop for me and my husband. We have so much clarity now on how our child’s birth day would look like and you have prepped us so well that we are no more fearful but extremely excited to welcome our baby!! Every mother needs to experience your workshop and get trained by you in order to feel empowered for their birthing day. Thank you so much for not only focusing on training us physically but mentally too. Thank you for passionately and selflessly sharing the knowledge and helping out all the mothers out there!! Loved the workshop :)”